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Web Designing Influenced By The Evolution Of Augmented And Virtual Reality

Post By: | June 11,2018| No Comments

In the competitive market in Dubai, for any business to grab success, an attractive and effective website is a must. The reason behind the increasing demand is that a good website with striking web design can entice visitors and stick them into the site for a potential decision making over business’s products or services. Well-planned and attractive web designs always stand at the top and to create the same, help from an efficient web designing company is very important.

Today, the web designing companies in Dubai are in a great race to explore novel and advanced technologies in web development. The world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is making new waves in web designs, offering the scope for the best user interface. The web developers in Dubai are in the exploration of the advanced technologies and have developed many unique websites and special web designs based on the new technologies of AR and VR.

Virtual Reality is created with interactive software and hardware. A frequent improvement in technology is made to experience the imagery but real situations, such as entertainment or games, which can also be experienced by placing the display mounted on visitor’s brain. Virtual Reality can be applied by using Augmented Reality.  The technologies help to make websites to convey exactly what they are trying to represent, in the utmost attractive way, avoiding the boredom of reading through traditional style of contents.

AR and VR are like the reflections from a concave lens and they are merged to offer a great user experience. The difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is that in AR, to have a wonderful and breathtaking experience, elements from the unreal world is been placed over the real world. While in VR, a complete recreation of a situation digitally or digitization is made in a real-life situation. After the emergence of AR and VR, the scope of using this system in web designing has given a new world for the web designers in Dubai. Regardless of the sector or nature of the website, the technologies are widely in use now to add liveliness to the web contents.

By implementing the WebVR technologies, users can get an easy access to the Virtual Reality contents by web browsers and is available to anyone with an internet connection and a web browser. The leading Web development companies in Dubai like Epitome offers web designs and web development solutions based on AR and VR. The web design agencies in Dubai are the prime players in the developing application and contents using the new generation technology.

Epitome, the web design company in Dubai is an International design hub exclusively meant for quality designs and creative web pages. At Epitome, our website designers add a human sense of scale and understanding to the designs we develop with the support of Virtual Reality. Our design teams have collaborated globally to give people access to stimulated designs allowing them to feel what it’s like to be in that space and gives a unique experience of that particular web design.